Boreas Gear: Wilderness Design Workshop

In June 2015 I had the opportunity to further my love for design by working with one of my favorite brands, Boreas Gear.  Boreas design tents and backpacks with style and does so with a heavy dose of creative confidence utilizing design thinking.  When Boreas posted an ad calling for designers to apply for a weekend workshop with them in the Tahoe wilderness I jumped at the opportunity.  The resulting workshop was one that I won't soon forget.  

Known as the Wilderness Design Workshop, the event was designed to coax our most creative selves to design a tent structure (I chose a hammock-tent) as quickly as possible utilizing the lessons taught at Stanford's  In three days we attended seminars and discussions on tent design, took what we learned to sketch our own ideas, and took only twelve hours to build our working prototype from string, tape, sticks, poles, glue, Tyvek, and more tape.  The process was fast-paced and very exciting.   Such simple (and cheap) materials made for an incredibly fun prototyping session, and some of the innovative designs churned out by the group were unlike anything anyone had ever seen before! Although we were only together for three days the experience left our group of strangers feeling a bit like we'd just graduated college with our closest friends.  Creative confidence will do that!