The Bike Blender

As a bike fanatic and smoothie addict, when a friend came to my house in college to borrow our blender, claiming that her roommate had fried her own, it gave me an idea.  Surrounded by a hardcore community of cyclists, I wondered why we needed electricity at all to make our smoothies?  

I grabbed her fried blender, my trusty Schwinn, borrowed my roommate's welder, and immediately set to work.  Two skipped classes, a few first degree burns, and about $20 later the bike blender was born - a mobile smoothie maker which blended as you rode.  Not a stationary design, this version required riding around the block approximately three times before your smoothie went from whole fruit to puree.  All was well and good in a world of seemingly endless electricity-free smoothie until one day an extra-pronounced pothole sent the glass blender cup flying onto the pavement.


Fast forward 4 years.  The original bike blender is long gone.  Its design has been iterated and improved upon twice.  The latest version, the Schwinn Exerciser (pictured), was born on a Sunday night in June 2016 as a donation to the Shoreshim Summer Camp, where it still resides as a testament to the value of skipping class to run with a silly idea.