Advanced Fire Control

On the side of whatever else I do, I like to fill my time with contract engineering work.  In this case, I teamed up with Advanced Fire Control to do some 3D modelling in SolidWorks for their product.  The concept was simple enough - convert ISO shipping containers into firefighter training structures by adding doorways, stairs, windows, and platforms to the existing shape.  The designs we worked on together can all be found at their website.

Click and drag the mouse to rotate the model. Click and hold the mouse-wheel to drag the model. Roll the wheel forward to zoom in on the model.

This Unit Provides

  • This Unit provides:
  • 1 - 20’ Steel Container – Custom Fabrication
  • 2 - 40’/45’/48’ Steel Container – Custom Fabrication
  • 4’ Hallway with insulated ceiling off bedrooms
  • 12’ Burn Room: Insulated Walls & Ceiling
  • 20’ Burn Room: Insulated Walls & Ceiling - Plus one additional window
  • Interior Wall with Door Assembly - Insulated around burn rooms Burn Room Doors/Windows – Insulated
  • 4 - Exterior Window Assembly
  • 3 - Integrated Hose Hole for full door control
  • Easy Set Crib Design with Chain Stabilizers
  • Concrete Paver Floor in Burn Room

Base Specifications

  • 40' Wind and Weather Tight Certified Containers
  • American Made Steel
  • 10g pan doors and windows
  • Minimum 3/16” Metal Size for structural doors/walls/windows
  • Minimum 4” HD Hinges
  • Interchangeable 4ox4o Window/36x80 Door Design for adaptability to training needs
  • Exterior Lock-out ability on doors and windows
  • Interior and Exterior single action handles to all windows and doors
  • Insulation Rating of 2300-F/ceramic fiber material
  • Easy set crib design