My motivation for design comes largely from nature.  The inspiration from a sunset, the adrenaline rush from walking along a knife-edge ridge, the serenity of silently stomping fresh tracks through new snow.  These moments define me.  

Sometimes I write when I'm on a trip, typically no more than simple journal entries.  After the trip is over I use the journal entries to map a big-picture timeline of the events of the trip - an exercise which helps me form conclusions about the nature of the excursion.  Could I have died?  Was the objective reached?  Were my limits pushed?  I take these observations and I form a story.  From there the account writes itself, and I have a living reference to my trip at all times.  

I plan trips with big objectives.  Mountaineering in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, climbing the Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite, summiting the tallest mountain in the Americas.  Meticulous planning truly captivates me and I relish the payoff of a longterm goal reached after months to prep and training.  And then there's the adrenaline rush!  It's probably safe to say that it is an addiction at this point...

Mountaineering in the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia - 2015